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Dec 7, 2012 5:00pm PST
duningÚn cia anÓnima llevo a autoridad hasta el pasaje subterrÁneo, en una planta purificadora de agua, varios fueron arrestados, tenÍan instrumentose de excavaciÓn, y marihuana, fueron puestos en manos de la ley. otra que enfrentarÍa el peso de la ley, una bailarina exÓtica de 20 aÑos, se decidiÓ desnudar en el metro de mÉxico para grabar un video musical, como en el lugar habÍa niÑos, pararia en la calcer por exhibicionismo, el video le dio la vuelta al mundo, fue visto por cientos de miles de personas. y una primeriza viviÓ una amarga experiencia al dar a luz en el hospital de minnesota se equivocaron y llevaron al reciÉn nacido al cuarto de otra madre para que lo amamantarÁn, la mujer se dio cuenta, las progenitoras fueron expuestas a pruebas de sida y hepatitis y por un aÑo mÁs por prevenciÓn. esta nota dirigida a solteras que nos estÉn viendo, y andan en busca de fortuna y amor un millonario colocÓ una valla en san diego california, pidiendo un regalo especial para la navidad, nada menos que una novia latina, aunque algunos creen que es ridÍculo el sueÑo navide
Dec 7, 2012 7:00pm EST
, and they confess being agents for the cia , mousad, and of course no one believes. no one. not a subject iranian believes these people, who served the revolution have completely become counterrevolutionary. but the idea is to look into the hearts of the iranian public, telling them that the chosen prime minister of khomeini, if he is not -- if he has to appear on short trial, if people who were cabinet ministers in the 1980s have to an short trial. this this change which is taking place. >> thanks, ali. emanuel, i wanted to move on to you, in light of what marina said about the indifference she felt during her period of imprisonment from the west, or from the outside world, and given ali's observation that even having panels on iran human rights record is somewhat of a novelty in washington, what does that stay about what the west is doing? what measures the west -- the united states are taking specifically aimed at iran on its human rights record as opposed to proliferation or anything else. >> first of all i want to thank my co-panelists and the audience, and fdd for giving me
Dec 7, 2012 11:00pm PST
. intervention. "outfront" tonight, national security contributor fran townsend who is on the cia and homeland security external advisory board and noah shachtman. noah, what do we think is going on right now? at what point are they in this process? >> so the assad regime has hundreds of metric tons of the building blocks of sarin. basically two big building blocks. there's isopropanol which is rubbing alcohol and phosphorous compounds. those are kept separately in order to keep things safe. but the assad regime in small, limited quantities appears to have combined those two chemicals to make deadly sarin nerve agent and has loaded them on to aerial bombs. >> if that is true, fran, it's a very provocative thing. is it provocative enough that the u.s. now has to consider action? >> well, you know, the administration has not made it clear. what the president has said is that the use of such weapons would be a red line for the united states and her allies. but it's not clear, short of use, is this preparation, is the mixing of the precursor chemicals enough? as noah can tell you this is
FOX News
Dec 8, 2012 1:00pm PST
after the cia, the dod and everyone else has issued their time line. and they say now m why going to give you my two cents. now you have heard everything and if you limit it to the report of the people that she engaged to write a report, what are her risks? >> james clapper is the director of national intelligence and he has contridicted himself before congress. now when you do that. >> he may be in trouble. you know what, when he went back and forth on these statements who took the word al-qaeda out and that kind of thing, somebody had to take the fall here. you know the president was not going to let susan rice do. it she went on national television and said what every one of us knew not to be true. there is someone who had to take the fall. >> four people here were killed. and there is an abundance of evidence that those people and others in benghazi warned the state department and the u.s. government that their lives were in danger. they begged for help. they begged for protection. it was not given. a lawyer would grab on to this and say wait a minute. this could be wrongful d
Dec 8, 2012 11:00am PST
be made by the president himself and he's keeping his own council abthat. he's alleges got the cia slot to fill as well. there are rumors there may be changes on his national security team. but nobody is being very specific about it at this point. >> shira, just the optics of the gop engaged in -- in a days-long filibuster with regards to susan rice, attacking susan rice for days. is that a fight that they want to pick? >> you'd think they wouldn't want to pick this fight, especially when there are other well-qualified people who want to be secretary of state such as john kerry, the senator of massachusetts, has made no secret at all that this is a position he's wanted far really long time. so you think this would not be a battle the white house would pick. but obviously the president has a lot of loyalty to susan rice. his defense of her a couple weeks ago from the podium was really unique and frankly defensive. so if this is who he wants, he has every right to nominate her and the senate has every right to say no. >> david, before i let you guys get out of here, i had katon dawso
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)